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YouthSportsNYC League Rules
Please review league rules below by age group. If you have a question, contact us BEFORE your game or settle the question during your home plate meeting BEFORE the game starts. Umpire has final rule once game begins.
* Each manager and coach must be knowledgeable of the current OFFICIAL RULES. To not know the rules creates problems with Umpire(s), other managers/coaches & even players, and shortchanges the manager’s ability.


This apply to all divisions!

Recruitment/Changing Teams & Rosters
● No manager may actively recruit a player currently playing with another team. After a player has signed an official player’s agreement, the player will not be allowed to move to another team.
● Managers may add player(s) to their roster, however all add on must be completed by the league's deadline. Rosters will be frozen after the deadline set by the league.
● Player(s) will not be allowed to play if their registration requirements have not been received by the deadline assigned.
● Original rosters will be kept on file.
Ineligible Players
● If a player’s eligibility comes in question, the original documents (Birth Certificate or Passport) will be requested. Uniforms/Umpire(s)
● Every player must be in complete uniform. Manager & all coaches must have the team logo on the shirt/jersey when in the dugout. Only the Umpire(s) has the right to deny a player or team participant if not properly attired.
● Only those players on the team’s roster are allowed in the team’s dugout. The manager, coaches, scorekeeper and players are the only individuals allowed in the dugout area. 
● Once the schedule has been posted, managers will not be allowed to make changes.
Fees & Fines
● Protest must be made during the time of infraction or before the last out of the game is made, umpire must then sign the scorebook. Protest must be submitted in writing to the league within 24 hours along with a $100.00 fee. League turnaround time for the protest to be answered will be before your next game scheduled. If the protest is valid the $100.00 fee will be returned. If the protest is invalid the league will keep the $100.00.
● There’s a $25.00 fine for the teams who do not leave their dug out clean. Fine must be paid before your next scheduled game. If a fine is not paid prior to your next scheduled game, the game will result in a forfeit.
Managers/Coaches Conduct
● We reserve the right to reject any manager, coach or other person who does not meet the criteria and standards of our league.
● Any and all managers, coaches & players must agree to abide by the rules & regulations of the league. Anyone that violates these rules and regulations are subject to suspension or expulsion from the league.
● Every manager is responsible for the conduct of his/her coaches, players and the followers of his/her team. 
● No manager or coach shall use improper language at any time. Use of improper language may result in disciplinary action. 
● Any manager, coach or player ejected from a game by the Umpire(s) for any reason shall be subject to disciplinary action, suspension will be determined by the league depending on the severity.
● Drinking & Smoking is prohibited. No manager, coach, parent or the follower of any team should be consuming alcohol inside the dugout. If a manager or coach is consuming alcohol while his/her team is playing that manager/coach will be removed from the game immediately. 1st violation will be a 2 games suspension, 2nd violation will be 4 games suspension & the 3rd violation will be an expulsion of the league. (NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE…)
Players Conduct
● Any Player fighting, throwing equipment or acting with unruly conduct will be immediately ejected from the game. He/She can be suspended for a minimum of a game. Injuries
● Never use a player who has been injured until you are certain that the player has fully recovered. Poor Weather Condition/Suspended Games.
● Team should always report to the field. It is the decision of the Umpire(s) as to whether or not to play the game. First consideration should be the safety of the players & playing field. Once a game has started the Umpire may either call the game or impose a delay.
● Suspended games due to bad weather or darkness will be rescheduled only if it’s necessary for Playoff. If the game is official (4th inning) the team leading wins the game (after the 4th inning has been closed), but if the game is not official then the game will be rescheduled and played as a new game.
● Managers are required to attend all meetings or send a representative. Attendance will be taken at every meeting. Standings
● In the event that all teams do not play an equal amount of games, standings will be determined on a percentage.
● A player must play at least 30% of the season with his/her team in order to participate in the playoffs & championship games. If a team has ineligible player(s) the team will be disqualified. Is the manager(s) responsibility to protest the infraction.
Revised: September, 8th, 2021

YouthSportsNYC ~ 6U Division

  • Game for this division is 1:30
  • No new inning will start after an hour and 30 minutes
  • (1) one Umpire per game
  • Manager/Coach pitch to their own team/hitters
  • No catcher; coaches only will catch
  • Universal Lineup
  • Hitters get a maximum of 5 pitches or 3 strikes, whichever comes first

  • League-wide mercy rule is NOT in effect for this youngest division of play
  • Field Size -  15 ft. mound / 40 ft. bases
  • Leading & Stealing - Leading & Stealing is not allowed. (1) one warning per team & then player is out, if he/she leaves early
  • No Bunting
  • No tag-ups on fly ball outs
  • Drop 3rd strikes are NOT enforced
  • Bats Allowed - Babe Ruth "T-Ball" or "TB" (Metal) up to 26" and USA Approved 
  • Runs per inning - 5 runs per inning,  ALL runs count until end of play
  •  Last inning - (6) inning is open (no run limit)
  • Lineups - Universal
  • Up to 9 players allowed in the field (5 infielders, 4 outfielders)
  • Up to 5 coaches are allowed inside the dugout. Coaches must also wear league/team's shirts to be allowed in the dugout (NO EXCEPTION).
  • Note, play is stopped once a fielder either gets an out or the fielder stops the ball

YouthSportsNYC ~ 8U Division

  •  Game for this division is 1:45
  • No new inning will start after an hour and 45 minutes
  • (1) one Umpire per game
  • The first two & last two innings will be Coach pitch or Machine Pitch. 
  • Each batter will get five (5) pitches to hit the ball, batter will be out after the 3 strikes or at the end of five (5) pitch. If the batter has not put the ball in play after the fifth pitch its an out.  
  • The third and fourth inning will be player's pitch (4 Balls, & 3 Strikes)
  • Mercy Rule - 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, or 10 runs after 5 innings 
  • Universal Lineup
1a. During Coach pitch the player/pitcher must position themselves to the immediate left or right of the Coach within the circle of the mound. 
  • Maximum of 5 runs per inning, with the exception of the last inning.  
  • No Bunting.
  • A batter hit by a pitch is not awarded first base in Coach pitch. It will count as a pitch, if batter is hit during player pitch they will awarded first base.  
  • No infield fly rule 
  • No base stealing is permitted & runners can only advance on a ball in play.
  • Each team will get one warning for a runner leaving the base early. Second violation of this will be declared an out. 
  • There will be no sliding into first base. All runners must slide feet first. Head first will be called as an out. 
  • Play will only be stopped when the ball is returned to the pitcher (not the coach, the player) & in control on the mound. If the base runners are in between bases they will be given the next base if the umpire determines the runner to be half way or closer to the next base. 
  • On an overthrow the runner advance only one (1) base at their own risk. 
  • SPEED-UP RULE – When the offensive team has two outs, if the catcher for the next inning is a base runner, that player must be replaced by either the last batted out or a player not in the lineup. 
1a. Player pitching distance must be 36 feet.
1b. Coach pitching distance must be a minimum of 33 feet and a maximum of 46 feet. 
  • You are allowed four (4) outfielders on 8U.
  • Up to 4 coaches are allowed inside the dugout. Coaches must also wear league/team's shirts to be allowed in the dugout (NO EXCEPTION).

YouthSportsNYC ~ 10U Division

  • Game for this division is 1:45
  • No new inning will start after an hour and 45 minutes

  • (1) one Umpire per game

  • Field Size - 46 ft. mound / 60 ft. bases

  • Leading & Stealing - No leading & Steal Allowed; when the ball crosses the plate
  • PITCHING RULES- Pitch count using pitch smart chart
  • (1) One warning per team & then player is out, if player leaves early
  •  NO Drop 3rd strike
  • Infield fly rule is enforced
  • Bats Allowed - Wood bats & USA stamp bats
  • Bunting allowed, but NO slash bunts
  • Runs per inning - 7 runs per inning
  • The 6th inning is the ONLY inning that is open; no limit to runs scored
  • Mercy Rule - 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, or 10 runs after 5 innings 
  • ALL runs count until the end of play
  • Universal Lineup
  • Up to 4 coaches are allowed inside the dugout. Coaches must also wear league/team's shirts to be allowed in the dugout (NO EXCEPTION).